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Mack is home!! He is so happy to see me and wouldnt stop licking me on the car ride home. His leg looks really well, I actually cant really see much swelling. He is already playing around with putting it on the ground and the vet says thats cool. He is on rimadyl(anti-inflammatory) and simplicef(anti-biotic). No steps and no horseplay, but walks on the leash to do his business, then the stitches come out in 12 days. Mack seems to be drooling quite a bit and he is never much of a drooler so I guess its the drugs he is on. Plus he is probably still out of it. I am so happy he is home!

In the x-rays he noticed his hips werent the best, he said the ball (joint) isnt quite round like it should be. But when Mack was under he checked for play to see if there was any dysplasia and he said he was surprised at how smooth his hips work. From the x-rays he thought they were going to feel choppy. So he said he shouldnt have any problems with them, but he might. We will cross that bridge if we have to.
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