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Maddie pics!!

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Maddie (diablo's grand-dam) just joined us here from razor's edge. She's retired from breeding and is now currently enjoying her time off getting massages, being groomed, watching the daily news on tv, taking walks around the garden, and keeping me company while I work :D

here's some shots of her settling in:

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This is Calvin from RE Hello To all; I just wanted to add a bit of info. on Maddies five litters she has had. The first two were 7-8 pups her third was 5 pups and her last two was 2 pups in each litter.
Cheers Calvin
OK Folks Each and every one is entitled to an option of their own and if you think I am a bad breeder that’s ok because I know most of you haven’t a clue about being a good breeder. Five litters in a dogs life is not over breeding!! Over breeding is breeding a bitch every heat cycle until she drops over dead and I would have to say that 60%-80% of breeders breed that way; they farm dogs not raise, it a business not a love!! Every dog is individual—some dogs can be bred more than others in a life time; it all depends on how each dog copes with each litter. Poor dog? If you could have seen how having pups made Maddie happy and gave her more purpose and meaning in her life besides just being a family pet you would not call her a Poor dog. If Maddie could talk she would tell you to shut up! My wife has had five children all close together I will have to ask her if she thinks she been over bred!
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I’m Not trying to be rude!! This is the first forum I have been ever on and it makes me wonder why bother!! Most of you don’t need any help with your dogs; you are all ready knowing it all. I joined so I may be able to help people out with their doggy problems not to be ridiculed and demeaned. I surely did not join to make enemies; for the most part I am an easy going honest guy with a big heart. I guess maybe I should be more careful in how a word things. Every one is entitled to their own option “yes” but I know myself if I don’t know what I am talking about I keep it to myself.
All I was saying is that five litters is not making a bitch a breeding machine; in some cases yes! I will repeat myself--Every dog is individual—some dogs can be bred more than others in a life time. If you haven't a clue about being a good breeder why are you being such a smart ass about it? "breeding a bitch every heat cycle until she drops over dead" to consider that overbreeding! What are you saying? What I said is a bad breeder would do such; of course there are many other factors that could make a breeder a “BAD BREEDER” By the way people are animals and do you have something against men???
Can we please know bring this to an end!
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