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My Maverick has Megaesophagus. This is where the esophagus has enlarged due
to a blockage or stricture at the opening of the stomach. It
will cause Aspiration Pneumonia, starvation, and dehydration. It can kill
your dog. So at any notice of pneumonia or reflux in your dog do take it
right away to your vet.

After Maverick was diagnosed with Megaesophagus, these are some things
that I found out with Maverick's food. First let me say that with each
feeding we had Maverick sit straight for a good thirty minutes in order for
his food to move down into his stomach. Sometimes it would take longer.

We tried feeding him a slurry of canned dog food but later in the night it
would reflux on him. We had better results with a mixture of eggs and bone
broth heated to a thick soup consistency. We did try adding finely chopped
chicken or ground beef but it too would make him reflux in the night. Also,
none of these gave him the nutrients that he needed and he was losing a
pound or more per week.

We then tried the refrigerated pet food called "Fresh Pet". In the chicken,
beef, and liver formula. It is a little fatty which I think helps it to slide
down. We chop it very finely and feed him 1/3 cup at a time. He is now at
a 45 lb weight which we are trying to build up with the Fresh Pet. This is
working very well for him. He likes the flavor, it digests well, an it slides down
his esophagus better than any of the other foods including liquids because the
liquids will slide back up.

One thing I have found out is he also must sit straight up after drinking
water. Also, that it is best to give him his food and 30 minute sit and then
an hour or so later give him his water and then a thirty minute sit. We put
the water up during the night.

He is doing well on this regime. Before the Fresh Pet we were planning on
bringing him in to be put to sleep because he was in such misery. He is not
perfect but now he is acting like his old self again and not in misery.

Perhaps others may find that Fresh Pet will help them with their dogs eating issues.
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