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If I may offer you nothing more than a few first-hand words and a little bit of comfort then I have done my job:

I have been living on dialysis for 9 yrs (today, I just realized).
Maggie may vomit once a day, but for the most part she will just feel very tired and want to sleep. There's no pain involved with renal failure but due to the great number of toxins circulating in her system she won't feel much of anything. She won't feel like eating or doing anything physical. But she will surely appreciate the grooming and petting and love you show her.
I know there is dialysis for dogs but that's something I feel isn't very fair to the animal (trust me, being the animal). I don't know how much longer it will allow her to live. I do know the expense is considerate.
I hope this helps a little bit.
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