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Make the whining stop!!!

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UGH! Ana is not getting the hang of being in her crate at night... Last night she whined straight from 3am to 7am. I expected lots of whining when we got her, but not TOP-OF-YOUR-LUNGS, 5-hours-straight whining every night for 2 months! :D Especially when my other pup hardly EVER whined when she was a pup.

How long did your dogs take to get used to their crate? Am I doing anything wrong? This is what I do:

She goes to bed at around 11pm, she starts whining at about 4am, so we quietly and quickly take her outside to pee without saying anything or petting her, and put her straight back into her crate until 8am. She has tons of toys to keep her company, and she can see us all night.

We ignored her when she whined in the past, but now that she knows she's not supposed to be whining, we either say or shout 'NO'. What else can we do? I'm thinking of getting a water bottle to squirt her with.

Help! :lol:
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bmarley said:
Agree with blanket over top and the other room advise....

worked like a charm on the 2nd night we had Tyson....
same here...Gemini whined in intervals all night the first two nights, put a blanket on the crate & he woke up once to pee
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