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Question... How long does it take for the "mange" to take affect?

Keller had developed red spots on his forehead, paw and a little spot on his tummy about 6 weeks ago. We thought it might have been allergies to food, so we switched him from Puppy Chow to Nutro Natural Choice. The vet said it seemed like "dry skin" or an allergic reaction, so she put him on Predisone. It's now 6 weeks later, and the majority of the spots have healed fine, with the exception of his forehead. It looks a little better, but not a GREAT improvement. I'm told that if it was food allergies it might take about 2 months to clear up.

I'm thinking that if it were really mange it would have gotten worse by now...

What are you thoughts? Anyone?
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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