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Hello everyone, my English bulldog has been diagnosed with demodex. She's started Mitaban dips and expierenced side effects after her second dip. I'm trying to research the dips but it seems that everyone here has generalized demodex where Albie has only a few small bald spots on her head. No redness, no oozing. I'm questioning weather she's being over treated and if the stress from the two dips will proove to be worse for her mild condition than not having started Mitaban at all. Also, is it safe to discontinue the dips before a negative skin scraping? I will speak to my vet of course, but at this point I'm not completely sure that I trust his motives in starting her on the dips. He simply told us that she had demodex mites and could be left that afternoon for a " smelly little dip" that might need to be repeated in two weeks. I regret not choosing to research this BEFORE leaving her that afternoon and fear that my puppy who would otherwise have cleared up on her own may be doomed develope generilized demodex as a result of stress and chemicals at three weeks old. Thank you all for any insight
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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