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Max from South Africa

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Not sure if this is the right place, but could somebody please help me determine what sort of Bulldog my boy Max is.....

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He reminds me of a Olde English Bulldogge, either way he's handsome.

You can check out this link if you want to know what the Olde English Bulldogge is. http://www.bulldogbreeds.com/oldeenglishbulldogge.html
Thanx for the help!!He is a good looking boy, a bit of a problem dog, but he is getting better....
Very cute dog.How long have you had him? How old is he?
Hi Kelly

Max is just over a year and a half now, we took him when he was about 6 months, the people that took him as a puppy really wanted a French poodle (go figure). They mistreated him, so we took on a problem animal. Its been a lot of hard work, and everyday is a challenge to try get him properly socialized,trained etc.

But he has a genuinely good personality, he just sometimes does not know what to do with his excitement. I love him very much, even though sometimes its frustrating.

I am so glad that i found this forum, it will help a lot i think.
Welcome! I would say Olde English as well. Good on you for taking him on. He needed you. :D
Good for you to take him in.I know how frustrating it can be.I have a 7 year old Dalmatian who we got at 9 months.She was in four other homes before we got her and she was pretty much dropped off at our step with her food and what not .She was abused,just coming out of heat and was in terrible shape.We had to hire a dog trainer and work non stop with her behavior issues.She has come such a long way.She still has issues with her ears,she doesn't like them touched or her head touched but that is only if others touch those areas.She is fine with myself and family.It may be a long road ahead of you but it will be worth it in the end.Stay strong and show him who is boss..........That is the key!!!!!!!
BTW,This forum is VERY helpful and I am sure you will get all the answers you need to help bring Max along :)
he could be a akc type english bulldog,just not overdone like most.you didnt post any pics of him standing side shots so its hard to see the legnth of his back legs.some akc bulldogs are what are called trough back bulldog,they look like bulldogs did in the past.the further back you go the more they look like a white english line of american bulldog,but thanks to the pug blood and akc breeders looking for the extreem apperance the majority of akc bulldogs are a wreck.good looking bull though and best of luck with his training...rs
I am trying to get him to stand still long enough to get a better pic of his stance, but he is more interest in trying to eat the camera then in posing!!! He has pretty long and muscular hind legs though, for which i am grateful...
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