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Hi guys - message me if you wish to be put on the list.

We all know that I am not perfect and there may be errors on this list.

Please let me know and I will edit the list with the corrections and/or additions. I apologize in advance for any errors or if I have left anyone out.

The list is alphabetized by User ID hyphened in blue. Thank you - Pat (gazar) :)


NAME --- ID ------- DOGS, etc.

(bulldogadm) Joy

Pat ( gazar ) Clara, Maverick, & Kodi
Steve (oznog)

David ( AB Dave ) Garbo
Candice (ak platypus) Lola - Boo - Jake
Alisha (alisha) Cyrus & Tucker
Tracy (AllAmericanPUP ) Eli – Sheeba – Ozzy – Henry Paul
Angie (Angie7349) Tora – Ramsey – Dober – Otto – Levi
Cathy (attitude) Izzy
Jennifer (augrad) Buster & Sophie
Brian (Bam Bam) Bam Bam & Pebbles
Bastien (BastienBully) Bully

Danielle (Bella Girl) Bella
David (Biscanton) Biz
Joe (Black7) Tux
Liz (Bogart) Bogart
Deborah (Bones088) Bones & Keiko
Chris (Brashz) Bella & Zoey
Luis (Buka) Buka
Cathleen (BullyLady) Shelby
Mike (2bully) Juggs – Garnet – Comanchee - Capone - Ava
Carrie (Care) Jazmine
Charity (204charity) Sulley & Tango
Chip(chipinsc) Titan & Sophie
Chris (Chris UK) Rudeboy & Rhythm
Adrienne (Cinder)Atticus
Amanda (ColbysMomma) Colby
Kevin or Bethaney if my wife posts (CT_Bully) Zoe and Sunny
Peter (cubs204) Dawson
Tracy (dafoorulz) Zephyr
Summer (deedee) Porkchop
Melissa (deuce's mommy) Deuce
Dan (DLW) Harley
Dawn (DMARIE1965) Taz and Xena
Doris (Dodo & Bull) Tiger - Nitro - Igloo
Ruth (DreamAbull) Libby - YumYum & Mr. Weinie
Dave (Duke) Emma
Maree (Elly) Elly & Jake
Rob (cocoa_dad)Cocoa
Coconut (FireRaven) Jessie and 8 cats
Alison (forever_pit) Dylan & Cairo & Giggity
Virginia (Franklin~N~Mina) Franklin & Mina
Gordon (Gordo) Raven
Courtney (ilovemybullys) Patches - Diesel
Boris (lqaddict) Uma
Holly (jackersmommy) Jack
Becky (Jakeisgreat) Jake and Dena
Jill (jaquandt) Betty Lou
Jen (Jen and the Hooligans) Chobb
Jennie (jennie.kom) Luna
John (JohnJ) Bubba
Jodi (jo&mera) Mera, Griffin, Katie
Phillip (JUNIORVICK) Buddy
Dave (K7Lab) Mrs. T & Soli
Johanna (Kate) Kate
Megan (KellersMamacita) Keller and Ziggy
Lindsay (lindsay8733) Axel, Thor, and Remington

(Lisa) Smooch & Blaze
Lisa (Lisabella) Bauer - Havoc - Isabell - Molly
Sarah (luckysarah) Horse & Katana
Sylvia (maehem1203) Sunni Maehem
Mallory (majestikmoose) Juggs - Garnet - Comanchee - Capone - Ava
MaryEllen (maryellen) dogs: Sadie & Moe, cats: Kashi &Timmy and a bunch of birds & chicks
Kelly (MeMe15) Meaty
Robert (mercator1) Bella
Mireille ( Mireille ) Cooper and Gigi
Cassie (mstngchic2012) Mater
Karen (MybabyDuke) Duke
Maria (MyBabyHasPaws) Macho
Andrea (nanniesrock) Kane & Sadie
Robyn (newco) Molly & Hubble (cats ) and Newman & CoCo
Sara (OrsonDogge) Orson and Lolita
Paul (paulnzeus) Zeus – Zero – Aries – Keya
Akanksha (Pebbles511) Pebbles
Steph (peeblerelf) Roxy & Cleo
Taana (PerfectPit) Beastly & Fat Ass
Lauren (QueenKoopa24)Bowser
Kendra (quietfun_08 ) Gracie
Evan (Redbull) Ted the Head
Peter (Rokka) Rokka
Gail (ruby55) Magee, Sunny, Bella, Ruby (dogs); Lucky (cat)
Rick (rzavalza) Petey and Little one
Sandee (Sandee) Princess - Bella - Maizie - Sugar
Ray (Sgtmax2001) Sally
Alyssa (SisMorphine) Blue & Teeny
Jordan (SS4luck) Littlefoot
Stephanie (Steph) Murphy & Lucy
Alexandra (Tara’s Mommy) Tara
Theresa (Tee) (tt557) Omi
Tia (Tia) Boris
Tina (Tina) Hudson - Littlefoot & Ivory (the cat)
Justin (Thomasjtsi) Sophia & Jasmine
Terra (TMP) Mina - Brutus - Sookie
Tracy (tracymorris) Eli and Bella
Trey (Treyfeezy) Sasha
Carla (ultimatek9) Jaeger – Boom – Kainda – Sniper – Patron
______________Shocker – Lona – Zeus – Hennessy – Gidget
Heather (UMCVB) Bina
Jessica (watdahll) Cujo
Will (WABTAB) Titan
Heather (WeeHeather) Harley
Allison (WiggleBottomBulls) Cash – Scarlett – Cooper
Will (wilonso) Bronson
Valerie (valzoo) Faith - Josey - Miner

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maybe i missed it, but is this list just for fun, or has someone requested real names, etc???
We have had several mentions that people would like to know the first names of the people they are posting to. So if your first name has been posted in a post, I retrieved it and put it here. If people prefer not to have their name listed, I can take it out.
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