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Menstruation and stinky mouth

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Hi folks,
Two lil comments.
First time owner of a female pit x god knows what., so im not so sure on what to do with her. I did some research on google and know how long it last, but its the cleaning part that im clueless about.
So far we bought her a lil doggie undie and we use non-scented pads that we change 4-5 times a day. for the stinkyness we use Wet-ones(kind alike baby whipes).
Am i in the ball-park with what im doing?

And as for the stinky mouth.. what can i do? it's getting worst, smells like rotten flesh.. her teeth shows no sign of tart or yellowness, ive checked the inside of her cheek to make sure no food stayed.. im desparate enough to go and buy her some Scope to wash her mouth hehehe

Chicka rules :)
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first off, if she is a pit/cross getting her fixed solves the menstration stinky issue. plus it makes life easier on all the neibourhood males, stops unwanted puppy accidents ect,ect.
as for the stinky breath.. making sure she has no dental issues is a must. a bad tooth can cause horrible breath. if you can find no tooth issue then look at diet and overall heath. sometimes a diet that doesn't agree with a dog or isn't filling all the nutrient requirements can cause digestive issues that will cause bad breath.
if all else fails, believe it or not, they make doggy breath mints and minty dog cookies
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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