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Merry Christmas!

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From Jen, Chris, Chance, Maddi, Max & Kaite!

Well, we brought chance home on Sunday and MY GOD what a handful, LOL. He is too smart for his own good...such a sweet dog. I'm still not 100% on his breed, even after having had him for a few days...but I still think AB. Feel free to state your opinion please! The last of his baby teeth fell out yesterday, so I think he's right at 4 months and 35 pounds (but his muscle tone is still very bad from having Parvo). I think he's a bit underweight. He has a scissor bite, but that may change I dunno. Some dogs look so different as puppies than when they're grown it's hard for me to tell.

Not that it matters, he is such a great dog...it was so worth the 6 hours of driving. He's convinced Maddi is his new girlfriend - he's really taken to her. Follows her everywhere, barks when she barks, chases the cat when she chases the cat, pees when she pees, tries to drink out of the toilet when she does (he's not quite tall enough)...basically everything she does, he does.

Anyway, on to the pictures! :D I still don't have a digital, so these are from my phone.

Only two of these stockings are for humans....

If the tree were in focus, you would see that there is no tinsel on roughly the bottom two feet.


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Could he BE any cuter????? :mrgreen: I'm in love :D

I love this one...They look priceless! So happy for you.
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Awww- he's soooo cute! And Maddi's a real beauty too. That pic of the two of them snuggled on the sofa is priceless!
How cute!
The picture of them sleeping on the couch is one of the cutest pictures that iv seen.
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