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How long till a mommas milk is dried up completly?Dixie was put on these super stregnth vitamins because the pups were literally sucking the life out of her. I completly weaned the pups at 5 weeks old, with them only nursing part time starting at 3 weeks old due to the teeth they decided to get too early.(They were tearing mom and making her bleed!!!) Anyway, her etats arent even close to the size that they were, which means she is drying up some.

I am afraid to let the pups play with her, because a few still have that instinct to latch on, despite her efforts not to let them. The vitamins are passed through her milk, and the puppies cannot have it.

Does anyone know when she SHOULD be safe again??To where the pups wont get anything outta her and she can go back to playing,laying, and so forth with them?She plays some, but has to keep on the move so they cant "get her". But after awhile she gets worn out and they eventually latch on..

Lol, I also wanted to tell you guys, when I first weaned them, I used Dixie to have the pups follow her outside after they ate, this was so I could teach them to potty(kinda young, but they are getting the hang ofit)anyway, as they followed her, you could literally HEAR the sucking sounds as they sucked the air chasing her......hilarious, little vacuums, sounded like blowing kisses.

By the way, the vet says the pups are great and if he didnt know better he'd think they were 8 to 10 weeks old already!!!
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