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Mommy Pit bull growled at me

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My uncle owns a pit bull kennel where I spend a lot of my time. I have "adopted", so to speak, a female pit bull. She had her first litter and is about two and a half years old. She is the sweetest. She is also the reason why I spend a lot of my time at the kennel. I have trained her myself, but I tried picking up one of her puppies the other day, and something like a growl came out of her as she moved her head rapidly to block me from the puppy. I have raised her since she was a puppy and have never been afraid of her until then...is this a side effect of her recently giving birth? I really don't want to put her down, but if she is a hazard for my uncle and family, I will take appropriate actions, since she is unofficially mine. I guess I should be asking this to my uncle, but I don't want to let him know until I have your opinion because I do not want to get her into unneccessary trouble. Help!
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I second that. Although my bitch never growled at me, she sure looked at me funny, and growled at others for a few days.

Next time, move slowly so as you dont get bit. If she gorwls, you let her know that even babies are not an excuse to growl at you, as you are alpha, end of story. You tell her no. You show her you love the babies and do not take them out of her site. You tell her it is ok, and reassure her.Turn her attention to another pup.

If she is even tempered and has never shown signs of aggression before, then I would GUESS she is just protecting her pups, and it was just her way of telling you.

Dont let her smell your fear next time you visit either, this may give her reason to think she growled last time, and can do it again.

Good luck. But euthinization should not be an option right now at this stage of the game.
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