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More Pictures of Halo & Spirit's first day

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Sorry guys these are from the camera phone not that great but 2 are at the shelter and one at the house this was the day I picked them up I cannot believe how fast they have grown

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:D So cute!
There such beatiful dogs Susan! You are so lucky to have them, what cute puppies they are!
I got very Lucky

Everyone loves them and my vet could'nt believe they were shelter pups. But the owner was good he had both dogs so I know what they are. and he brought them to the shelter because he didn't want to just give them to anyone he fiqured they would check out people so they would go to good homes. Mother & father are purebreds and beautifukl dogsthey were an accident before spay.
They have been temp tested and passed with flyin colors I just love em to death . I am so glad we got them
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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