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I did some searches and couldnt find any topics about this so I have to ask.

Im fostering a male Great Dane whos 4yrs old and his previous owner let him mouth their hands, he does it very firmly yet gentle at the same time. But this can be a scary experience for someone whos not expecting him to do it, BUT he only does it when he's ready to go outside for a bathroom break.

In his previous home he mouthed the couples 4yr old daughter and wich brought him to the rescue because they thought he was going to bite her. So we're really trying to kill this habit, before anyone gets the wrong idea about him.

Does anyone have any tips? Right now we've been correcting him with a firm "no" and removing our hand. But that's not really getting to him, he thinks we're playing with him and he'll do it again.

With his age is this something we're going to have alot of trouble correcting? Or maybe not being able to corret it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've broke puppies from mouthing, but with an adult dog that's doing it I just get lost.

Keep in mind, he does it when he wants to go to the bathroom.
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