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moved up a weight class this weekend

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hey all as you know i got Stella into weight pulling this summer started around aug... well i just wanted to post and brag a bite not huge but every sunday we go and train and she moved up a weight class this weekend i dont try and push her too mutch as she is only young still but she took to it like a fish to water ....... made daddy pround this weekend ill try to get some pics this coming weekend it realy is cool to see :wink:
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I'd love to get Orson into weight pulling...
he took to his treadmill like a pro. Think he'd really like it.
But he's only (almost) year & half.
How old is Stella??
stell just turned 1 year in aug... but i started her with verry light weight and dont push her to mutch ... when she started pulling 4 months ago it was just the harrness and a 3 foot long 6x6 then moved up to a enpty cart now shes been on the same weight for 8 weeks just moved up ..ill keep her at this weight till summer then if all gos well move her up 2 weight's play it by ear !
Heard that you have to get x-rays on the dog before weight pulling
to make sure their hips and joints are o.k.
That's great to hear Steve! glad Stella (and her daddy) are having fun!
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