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Multi (9) American put bull terrier pups

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I have 9 puppies 2 girls and 7 boys, Mother-Austrialian Cattle Dog = Dad - American pit bull.
4 weeks old Today Jul 25 2006

I am thinking of raising all 9 in a large fenced in yard.
I am looking for information about raising several dogs(9 dogs)together at one time.

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He will need to answer himself , but what I got out of it when reading it was that he is going to raise the puppies until weaned I am assuming . I don't think he imagines keeping them all , It just sounds like he is inexperienced with raising pups and had a boo boo .
No , I maybe wrong I was just giving you what I interpreted after reading his post . A boo boo is an accident hehe , saying it and spelling it is a little harder :oops:
oops ! I guess I was wrong , WoW keith I hope you work from home and don't have much of a social life . I am finding out that even having 2 dogs can be a chore at times especially the puppy years . It would be really hard to socialize that many dogs and train them especially if they are living outdoors. Is weather a problem where you live ? If it gets to hot or to cold , I don't think pits do well in extreme weather . I was reading on the Johnson bulldog board that some people lost some nice dogs because of the heat .
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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