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Post pictures of you dogs "flexing" lol i love to see musclelar dogs!! :D

Here is a couple of Bully i have right now. Ill try and get more soon!

Sorry if this thread already exist.

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Didn't have many of Zeus "flexing" but this may do at least he is posing :D
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haha this is a funny one. Bullies are always "flexing".
I like this one because Angel looks like she has six pack abs and pecs LMAO! And that's her boxer boyfriend.


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I don't really have any pics of him flexing but you can kinda see his muscle in these couple of pics.
These were taken during this summer 2011. Almost a year old at this point.

This is him sleeping recently.
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I was expecting to click on this thread and see all kinds of muscle... where is it?

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Where's Juggs???
Some of the dogs posted here look pretty soft to me!!!
blaze has an awesome rear, nice pics. I love seeing action shots.

Its hard to see horses muscle under his hair but I will put up a few.

And Massey
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Beautiful pictures everybody!!! Starting to see muscles!!!!
I like going in my old thread and get people going again lol so... Any new pictures everybody?? :D
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