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I have noticed a decided lack of MUSICAL artwork in this forum :p. How about let's share on this thread!

Lots of great graphical and 3D stuff on here, but does anyone play any instrument or sing or DJ or anything else musically creative? Lifeisdapits I want to hear some Nirvana tunes!

I mess around with the guitar and piano and try to sing a little bit (emphasis on the TRY). But I am secure enough in my manhood to post a karaoke track I did for Jen with my computer and a crappy $40 mic, lol. She liked it :p. No sweeteners or anything, just a lil reverb.


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Some of my DJ mixes


I.N.I - Psy/Dub/Ambient Mix Pt. 2


dspill - retry
hol baumann - final
deep dive corp - bali hi
kaya project - only the brave
aural planet - liquid incense
toires - haytama
aes dana - forest fishes
h.u.v.a. network - moon town
aes dana - haze
cell - spiritual move
aes dana - aftermath
solar fields - water silence
abakus - that much closer
kaya project - kanzaman breaks
aes dana - digitalys
(tease) solar fields - something crystal


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I.N.I - Desimal Tribute Mix


Desimal - Afterlife
Desimal - Arcana
Desimal - Voidwalkers
Desimal - Circle Of Nine 2005 (Tease)
Desimal - Voidwalkers
Desimal - Hyperboria
Desimal - Promist
Desimal - Mantra
Desimal - Sundecay
Desimal - Continuum
Desimal - Earthling
Desimal - Zero Searcher (Sundecay Pt2)
Desimal - Promist 2005
Desimal - Sunsignal Pt2


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I.N.I - DNBNATION Studio Mix 2005

artist / title / label

Noisia - Believe [Moving Shadow]
RDS & CybOrc - Galaxy Express [Salvage]
Chase and Status - Hood Rat (Vocal VIP) [Habit]
Noisia - Desolation (Teebee Remix) [Never Coming Out]
Amit - Second Cut [Bingo]
Break - Submerged [Subtitles]
Desimal - Hyperboria [Citrus]
Bad Robot - King Solomon's Mines [???]
Corrupt Souls - Torque [???]
Mayhem - Weightless [???]
Bantom & Implex - Nisyrum [Shadybrain]
Phace - Implant [SLR CD]
Noisia - Exorcism [Moving Shadow]
Desimal - Mantra [Barcode]
RDS - Hot 9mm [Moving Shadow]
Bantom - Psychorama [Kinematic]
Materia - Hallucinations [???]
Bad Robot - Good Evil (The Dawn of Man) [Medusa]
Quadrant - Manipulated Living [Renegade Hardware]
Materia - Inversion [???]
Noisia - Close to Me (Matrix Remix) [Timewave Audio]
Psidream & Resound - Time Goes By [Warm Communications]
Purple Unit - Gettin Closer [???]


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