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This bullie had a moist dermatitis skin condition on the side of her nose that came from her licking it and keeping it wet (which made it hard to heal). When she became nervous (like when she was competing in dog shows), her nervousness made her lick even more. She had been on numerous antibiotics, and the medication would help the problem to some extent but would NEVER completely clear it up. My friend (who is a bulldog breeder) had been battling this problem for a LONG time.

Just recently she found a natural way to clear up this skin condition (as well as a host of other problems: joint discomfort, hot spots, allergies, etc) JUST by getting the dog's immune system in balance.

Ironically a dog's immune system can get out of balance by EVERYDAY stresses (anxiety, pain, lack of exercise, fear, diet, vaccinations, flea treatments, airborne pollutants, household cleaners, boredom, and even the natural aging process).

Yet when its in a normal state of balance , the immune system can miraculously ward off (or fight) harmful diseases & disorders. AMAZING!!

Listen to this "online" pet call --- it could possibly help your bulldog!!!


To learn more about your pet's immune system, visit http://www.legacyforpets.com

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