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Ok I found this on another forum just thought I'd post it so you can take a look

Im here to spread the word about a disease

Im here to spread the word about a disease(mutant gene) in bulldogs, all kinds from APBT to ABs to French Bulldogs, it is called cerebellar ataxia.

I do not have a link available this moment, but do a quick search and I think you will be stunned.

It is horrible. Totally devastating. It can occur early on as my puppy aquired this at 4 weeks of age, all the way up to 8 years. No test, no cure, it wipes out their motor skilss 100%.

We have beend hit hard by this mutant gene, and its more widespread then they report. Due to the fact people pass it off as a retarded puppy or Plasy, and euthanize, it doesnt get reported.
Its so wide spread and unknown, I had a better chance at winning the lottery then I did picking a sire with the same gene a a carrier,should have played the lottery!Both parents have to be a carrier, both dogs came from opposite sides of the US.

Please research this disease, and research more. It effects tons of breeds, and at this rate, it will wipe them all out.

I dont want to sound like a party crasher, but Im scared, as this is bad and I have a taste of it first hand.

I carry her everywhere, to pee, poo, eat, drink, she cannot be independant. She squirms like a seal, thats about it.

I havent the heart to put her down, but its coming.

Please, please search.......dont let it slip your mind!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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