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my baby is breaking out!

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My english bulldog is breaking out in his hind legs and under his chin. At least i THINK he's breaking out. I can't be exactly sure. There is also one red spot on his belly. None of it seems to be bothering him at all and so I'm not too worried, but I'd still like to do something about it before it gets worse and could potentially bother him. Is this normal and is there anything else I could be doing to prevent this? I'm already washing the sheets, his toys and his blanket and I wash his face, ears and feet every night. ANY input and/or suggestions would REALLY help!
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Are they little pustules? Kind of like whiteheads? If so.. those are normal in puppies as their immune system is developing. It its a rash type breakout, then it may be allergies.
i'm not quite sure, kind of looks like some whiteheads which are bumpy, but it looks like that & a combination of a flat red rash, no bumps in some areas. The hind legs definitely look like whiteheads but the rash under his chin & on his belly looks & feels pretty flat.
umm possibly puppy pyoderma????

my eb got it 2 months ago when she was 2 months old around the face/snout area..

not sure about the rest of the body but pimples under the chin are usually pimpple from bowls, make sure you use a stainless bowl and clean it daily
I would get your pup checked out. CC had those all over her legs and the vet said it was a sign of a staff infection.
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