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Family of five....here's to you poor guy...all that estrogen in
your house must be hell for you some days....lol

Lyla has had one heat too...but I dealt with it by doubling up towels
and putting them in her favorite spots to sit. Luckily, we have mostly
laminate flooring, so I kept the mop moist all day....lol

Lyla wouldn't leave anything on her bum..I tried the boys underwear.

Not to make you feel bad, but I think you should deal with this in a
different way. Your poor dog shouldn't have to be outcasted due to
this. She doesn't realize the reason for the sudden change. Is your
house carpeted? Get a good stain remover...put drop sheets down.
There must be a better solution. Lyla only went through sparatic
times throughout the day that the droplets of blood were heavy.
I don't know, but I hope you find some good advice here.
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