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Hey guys. It's been quite awhile since I've been on this site,
but I really need some good advice, and I know this is the
best place to get good feedback. My boxer, Sable, came into
heat today. We don't have a fenced-in yard so we have a runner
set up outside for her for when she goes out to use the bathroom
(she's a runner, can't just turn her loose) but we can't put her on it
'till she's out of season because our neighbors have male dogs. Our
only choice for today was to put her up in an outbuilding behind our
house until we can figure out a way to keep her inside without ruining
our new house. I can't stand the thoughts of keeping her locked in like
this. We opened the one window in the building, and set up a fan to
help with the heat, and put down three or four blankets for her to lay
on so she doesn't have to sleep on the concrete, but I still feel like I'm
abusing her. She's been kept indoors her whole life, and it's killing her
AND us to keep her shut in like this. I read somewhere on here once
before that someone had used boxer shorts for their dog when they
came in heat. I thought about buying diapers to put on her, but I think
baby diapers would be too small, but I don't think adult diapers would fit
around her waist without falling down every time she moved. Please guys,
if you have any suggestions....I'm open to them. No matter what they are.
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