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Did you change your screen name?
I've seen the carting dog pics before, not those, but others.
Isnt that your granddaughter?

Anyway, i think that is too cool!!!
I bet lots of people stop you and ask about it.
Fun for the dog and the little girl :D

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i made the cart myself, not too hard to do.
but you can buy these .
they are known as K9 SULKY,S /CARTS.

you can get these for 2 dogs as in the pic below.
as for have i changed screen name no im always phillnjack.

where in uk am i slough berkshire.

the pics are on my forum and a few others in the uk and states.
even posted a few on the european and australian forums.
ive got so many pics of this cart and another i built.

heres a couple of pics with 2 rotties pulling a single cart

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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