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my dog brewzier

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he will be 7 months old on the 15th(monday). pics are from ~3weeks old to present. the last 4 are from thurs. he's getting big. lol


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williamb82 said:
oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering he is an american bulldog. id like to get a bull masif and then breed them. kinda give the pups some more color and theyd still be big. lol. i dont know, friend of mine has a female american bulldog and shes wanting to breed him with hers already. lol.
Without getting into a war over backyard breeding. If you were knowlegable on the breed you own, you would know that American Bulldogs come in "color" as well, without being crossbred ;)
williamb82 said:
no akc papers or anything. the moters mother didnt have them. all other dogs on both sides did. guy my friend got the mother from used his dogs for hunting so nver bothered getting papers and neither did my friend. he didnt care. aint raising a show dog. anyhow, it doesnt matter, i know a few people with female american bulldogs that want to breed him already. also, they do come in color, but not as solid a color, at least not around here. only ever seen 1 in person that wasnt almost all white. and very few that even had patches.



1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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