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my dog brewzier

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he will be 7 months old on the 15th(monday). pics are from ~3weeks old to present. the last 4 are from thurs. he's getting big. lol


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thnx. he's my buddy. lol. he is learnin pretty good too. so far he understand come here, sit, stay, laydown, etc.. though he doesnt stay for long. lol. gotta work on that more. he only has 2 more holes in the 24in collar i got him. prolly gonna have to buy a bigger one in the next couple months. and he eats like a horse but is still skinny cause he runs all day. lol. he killed this last 40lb bag of food in about 2 weeks. lol
oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering he is an american bulldog. id like to get a bull masif and then breed them. kinda give the pups some more color and theyd still be big. lol. i dont know, friend of mine has a female american bulldog and shes wanting to breed him with hers already. lol.
well, he's about 7.5 months old now. was playin tug o war with him with a basketball he popped. he wont let go for anything. lol. my sis in law got a couple pics of me pickin him up wit hthe basketball. lol. the 2nd one you can see how long he is already.

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well, took him to the pet store yesterday and got to weigh him. he s 60lbs right now. ill get some new pics this week hopefully.
mutts? he is purebred, and so is the female my friend has ill be breeding him with!(also an american bulldog) as for breeding him with the masiff, why not. its my dog, and i think the pups would look really pretty. my dog isnt a show dog and i dont plan to make him one. im not breeding them to make money either. i like dogs. and i think that would be a good mix. both dogs are very loyal and devoted and both are very big and the masif has alot of color so i think it would give the pups a nice color. anyhow, doesnt matter, its what i want to do and thats all that matters to me.
added more pics to the folder, though he doesnt sit still much anymore so the digicam isnt working out the greatest. lol. he's still rambuntious. he is about 70lbs right now. been stayin outside where he can run and play alot more. man is he fast. lol.
no akc papers or anything. the moters mother didnt have them. all other dogs on both sides did. guy my friend got the mother from used his dogs for hunting so nver bothered getting papers and neither did my friend. he didnt care. aint raising a show dog. anyhow, it doesnt matter, i know a few people with female american bulldogs that want to breed him already. also, they do come in color, but not as solid a color, at least not around here. only ever seen 1 in person that wasnt almost all white. and very few that even had patches.
um, wtf is everyones problem? seriously? this is a picture post about my dog and its turned into a stupid argument with joe blow gung ho worried about what someone else does with their own dog. no offense, but the people that want to bred him already have more buyers then they will possibly have puppies. and if someone pays that much for a puppy they arnt just gonna take it to the spca. also, you have the nerve to call someone a hill billy when you know absolutly nothing about them? you dont know anything other then the little bit ive spoken here. and as far as my dogs health i have him on a yearly plan withthe vet so he has reg checkups all the time and has had all his shots etc.. pretty messed up people trying to tell others how to raise their dog when they dont have any clue or facts or even hadve the curtosy to ask for the info. anyway, would the mods please delete all the unecc posts from my thread. thank you. this is rather ridiculous. if this had happened on any of the several other forums im a member off the people posting off topic and talking trash would be suspended and or banned. i hope this forum has a policy against "trolls" as well.
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whatever. if you people were so rightous you wouldnt have any kids of your own. look how many kids in this world live in a foster home or in a group home because no one wants them. but does that stop you from having them becuase some other jerkoff doesnt want theitr kid? no. this forum i thought would apreciate pics of my dog as he's growing up. i guess i was wrong. your all a bunch of assholes trying to measure eachothers cocks to see who has the right to breed their dog and who doesnt. dont worry, i wont be back to this forum. its pointless.
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