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Well I took my Norwegian Elkhound Riley in to have 2 large sebaceous cysts removed and to do his OFA xrays. Riley's breeder is the vet I work for and he is her 8th generation of Elkhounds. We had big plans to start him on the show circuit this summer, I would show him at the local shows and then we would send him off with a pro handler to the big shows out of state. Riley was originally sold as a show pup to a couple 4 yrs ago, approx 1 yr later one of the owners was killed in an accident and the breeder never heard from the other owner. Just 8 months ago Riley was dropped of at the clinic because he was no longer wanted, he was 10lbs overweight, was not leash trained, his coat was completely packed and had obviously not been groomed in YEARS, had terrible ear infections and hot spots all over :angryfire:. Well, I fell in love and had to turn this dog around, now he acts like an Elkhound should, is nice a lean and has a beautiful coat. Unfortunately when the hip xrays were put up on the viewer, the breeder/vet took one look at them and said "no good, lets neuter him." We are so disappointed, he would have finished his championship so easily! The breeder/vet believes his hips are due in part to his obesity, being feed $hit food and not being properly exercised because the changes are minimal and there is no evidence of degenerative joint disease, he just has thickening in the femoral head and some mild joint wedging.

The good news is...Riley's sister has been bred and she offered me a show pup from that litter!! Meg is an 8th generation champion with OFA hips, CERF, thyroid normal and she is a doll. I am considering takin her up on the offer for a show pup, I miss showing dogs sooooo much. We will be ultrasounding Meg on Tuesday so keep your fingers crossed.
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