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My first puppy

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Back in the day, I adoped a yellow lab named Merlin. I got him at 5 weeks old (his mom had gotten hit by a car and died so the puppies were let go early) and he was my best friend.
He lived until 7 when he got lymphoma and we had to put him down. I just found these pics of me and him, wasn't he sooooooo cute???

He made me the dog lover I am today...he was so dear to me. He was severely dog aggressive though (but he wasn't a pitbull...so thats ok right?!?! lol)
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He was so cute! :)

I like the one of you holding him.
Very cute pup! My lab is dog-agressive too. :(
very cute :D my parents lab is also very dog agressive :O
You were both cute! :D
lol too funny i got one of thoses pic's too this was me at 15 or so and star she was my 2 bully in my life but my first love 8)

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