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My new fosters

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Pretty bad timing, seeing as the woman who was supposed to get Blue decided not to take him. Oh well - so what's 10 dogs in one house, anyway? :lol:

They're not bullies, but they're cute, so I'm sharing. :tongue: :biggrin:

This is mom, Lani - Border Collie (mix?)

A little BC smile. :D

Baby girl Kalia

Baby girl Kaili

ooooohhhhhh.... a stick!

This shows how big they are. The girls are only TEN WEEKS old!!!!! :shock:

Thanks for looking! :D
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Ahhh, Buster LOVES it! :lol: As soon as these pups are healthy, he'll be romping around with them. It's also good in that it gives Maximus someone other than Buster to play with, and maybe learn some doggie manners in the process. Max was seperated from his mom and litter at about 2 or 3 weeks - these guys have lived with each other and mom for 10 weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed for miss Kaili, though. If you're they praying type, she could sure use them. She's very sick - possibly coronavirus. :(
gazar said:
They are adorable, what is the one in the forth pic?
Sure hope Kaili gets better. She is in my prayers.

That's Kaili in the fourth pic. They are mom and daughters, so all BC mixes.

Kaili is not doing well this morning. She's back in hospital. She's dropped probably half her body weight in the space of 5 days. :cry:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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