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Tara<3Boss said:
Thank you, but, as for the first link, I have tried that and still try that every time Boss sees someone new but it really only works for that initial "sit." I find, he will only sit for a very brief period of time and then resume with jumping up. Another thing is, how do I stop him from jumping on people that are merely walking by us? They're aren't even stopping to say hello. He just sees them tries to run to them (which pulls me when we're walking) and then jumps. As for the second link, he does not jump on me, he knows that it's bad. Should I tell everyone that meets him to stick their leg out at him?

I heard that completely ignoring the dog until he settles may work. Has anyone tried that?
You have to be forceful and firm, on the leash you will have more control, quick jerk on the leash.. OFF...., as they go to jump up.

Jumping up at ppl on the streets is bad, but I guess we have all been there. If you have ur dog trained to heal or close then this command should stop them pulling off in all directions. Try keeping your dog interested in your when ur out walking, whether it be with a treat or a hi pitch silly voice, a toy, use a command like close as u set off, sit at roads, then use 'close' as u set off again.

I know its not easy, Roxy still reverts to wanting to lick n kiss ne1! she's a lot better, also I don't allow other ppl to stroke my dog, only family and friends. I've seen a dog that loved everybody suddenly went to bite some1 trying to stroke him.

hope that helped or even made sense.

Good luck u'll get there, but u need to limit his freedom as a dog.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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