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Tia said:
This is the major fear part of a bullys life. This is the time when alot of work shoul dbe going into your dog. Ob,testing etc.. Nerve is nerve she prolly wont be th eway you want her to be EVER but with training can get comfortable. This is the fear stage of their lives, this will tell whether they get worse... or better

Question for you Tia: Do they all go through this "Fear Stage" ?

Buster is 14 weeks and well to be honest has not really shown fear except when we first brought him home(new smells and noise).For example just the other day my husband was going for a ride and started his Harley while I had Buster outside and to my surprise he didn't flinch,the tail didn't go under he just sat there with ears up and just watched.So with this being said will he go through a fear stage? I feel that by having had him out and around noise,people,places and what not at 7-8 weeks of age took care of that problem.Why would it come on at a this later stage?
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