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Lisa said:
Question for you Tia: Do they all go through this "Fear Stage" ?
I am not Tia but I will answer anyways. I do not think that EVERY dog goes through a fear stage. I think there are some real good dogs out there who just have that balls to the wall attitude from birth and from day one just reek of confidence (man I need to find myself another one of those dogs!) . That being said, I do think its pretty rare for a dog to NEVER spook off of anything in their life but I do not think that every dog goes through an actual fear stage where they are being spooked frequently in a period of a few months. Despite the poor breeding practices out there today there are still some rock solid dogs out there.

I have heard of dogs who were basically chain dogs for over 2 yrs that were then taken and put in new homes where they were exposed to many things they had never been exposed to and did FINE. I think that is good genetics at work. A good, strong dog doesn't require a ton of socialization and exposure to things in order to handle that. Perhaps a mediocre or weak dogs does but a storng dog does not.

Rosco is almost 5 yrs old and never went through what I would consider a fear stage but he has spooked off of a few things in his life. I could probably count those things on one hand and all of the things he did spook from he recovered from quickly. I think one of the most important ways to determine the severity of nerve problems is by judging the recovery rate. If a dog gets scared of something and runs and hides and won't come out within a few minutes time, I think you have a big problem but if it will spook, run off, but then return quickly, I wouldn't conisder the problem to be as severe. Mind you, the ideal dog wouldn't spook at all but those dogs are the gems and aren't that easy to find.
Agreed. That's how Boss got his name. I tell people his name and they look at me like I've got three heads :p From the very day my sister brought him home, he was trying to Boss us around. Not an ounce of fear in the little guy. Even when he was very young, when I first got him, walking down busy streets with lots of people and noise didn't bother him at all, he enjoyed every minute of it. However, I have seen him get startled before. Eg, he was sleeping one night, and the cat knocked something over in the tub that made a loud noise and Boss jumped barked a few times and ran to the noise. He never barks, like ever, so I knew he got scared for a minute.
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