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So this pregnancy has rendered me quite useless, lol, but I have been taking pics of the doggies! It's so nice to have them, they make me laugh all the time and definitly make me forget about how sick I am feeling. Enjoy:

Chapps freaks over the hose, so here is a video of him crying to get outside and play!!

The guys playin...I love havin the 2 of em!

I am in no way into photography, but I find these pics turned out really good (and as you can see, our backyard has a LOT of greenery)

Is that not the cutest face ever? (don't ask me what's on his tongue!)

This is how Holly sleeps...we call it her Superman position:

Goofy girl:

Gorgious girl:

The bums playin...gotta love Chapps' face:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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