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My stasffordshire bull terrier

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Heres a few pics of my straffordshire bull terrier.
this is a true uk stafford , we know this as we owned the mum and dad as well
dad is the brindle and white dog.the mum is the all brindle bitch.
sadly we lost samson when he was 11 years old and mum went on to be 15 yrs old
sasha our stiffie who is the brindle and white is 8 years old now.


heres dad with just a small amount of his winnings

this is sam when around 2yrs old, in a custom built harness.

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How sweet. Nice dog, very cute!
Great pictures :D

Are the rosettes from companion shows ??
Pretty girl. Love her markings. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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