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AN FYI...many people do not vaccinate for Bordatella..reason is, there are different strains of Bordatella, and the vaccine will only cover against some of those. I have known many dogs to be vaccinated for it, and still end up picking it up in puppy class or at the park, etc. Essentially kennel cough (Bordatella) is a doggy cold. In an otherwise healthy dog, many vets recommend you allow the dog to fight off the cold on his own without antibiotics. Obviously a dog with a weaker immune would be better off with antibiotics, etc.

You can help give your dog a little boost by giving extra doses of Ester-C (vitamin C) and chicken broth. (chicken broth is salty which encourages the dog to drink more fluids overall) I also would recommend Pedialyte or any electrolyte solution to help keep them hydrated.
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