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Have you NCL & OFA/PennHip tested your dogs?

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I've been looking around and getting prices on what it would cost to get the ncl test done and pennhip test done. I've come to the conclusion that vets cost too much! lol. i was wondering how much you usually pay out to get these done.

We plan to get Isis OFA/PennHip tested and done before we breed her. She's never show any problems, loves to lay with her back legs stretched all the way back/out, but we want to get it done to make sure she's worth breeding. Along with the NCL test.

Jager will also be getting the NCL test done aswell, but since he's only 10months old, we'll have to wait on the pennhip.

also, anyone in the area with a great vet with knowledge of the AB breed?

As for costs... I did a little research here in the area... not saying this is cheap or expensive, but it gave me a rough idea.

NCL feedback - $40
Procedure to extract DNA - $17.25
Vet Fee - $22.75
They said Shipping would be - $20.... Grand total... $100

I think that getting it done to prove my dogs don't have any genetic diseases (mainly looking for NCL trait) would better the breed if/when I breed them.

As for the OFA/PennHip test... thats more expensive.

Isis is 80lbs
Anistetic - $80 to $90
Hospital Stay - $18
OFA fee - $84 ................................. Grand total - $182 to $192

For Jager.. he's 110+ lbs
Anistetic - $120
Hosp. Stay - $18
OFA fee - $84 ............................... Grand total - $220 to $225

We have to wait on Jager to turn 2yrs old before we can get his OFA/PennHip test done.

However we could get a pelimenary reading of his xrays (by the veterinarian) but it wouldn't be completely acqurate because he'll grow and change between now and 2yrs of age.

So there ya have it.... I have a couple other places I'd like to call and talk with them, see about prices and if they're experianced in the subjects above.... I'll keep an update if I find anything better.

Also.... for those of you that have done either, or both.... could you please share your experience so I know what to expect, along with an estimate of the price you paid. Thanks a bunch!!!!

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Lisa said:
Since I am in Canada I can't really compare prices, but one thing I do know is that having a dog or puppy that lays with their legs outstretched like a frog is absolutely no indication of a passing hip grade.

Good luck with all the results.
I don't think I was saying that because of the "frog dog" pose, Isis would have good hips. I was just saying that she's never had any problems with them, moving them, our vet has dont the usual "check up" on them, move around and see how she responds.. so far so good. We're still getting the tests done, I just can't do it this month. :roll:

thanks for the luck!!!

oh yeah.... canadian money is what between 12 and 21 cents more then the states? I read 2 different things on the net, so its not much more of a difference....
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