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NE North Carolina/SE Virginia Training Facilities

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Does anyone here know of any in this area? If not, I might have to get certified and do it myself. Erica, do you take your dogs anywere, or do you do it yourself and/or at your own place?

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One of the best trainers in North America


Jerry Bradshaw. He is the real deal.
North Carolina, I believe.

I would go to Jerry First.

or you could try

Cavalier Canine Working Dog Club
Virginia Beach, Va
Maynard Pease 757-574-4049
Home Page http://users.rcn.com/lindsaypease
e-mail [email protected]

Sassafras K-9 Stafford
Virginia Ricky Gallaway
[email protected]
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Peter, thanks for the links. Tarheel is the one I've already looked in to and am thinking of of going to trainer's school there myself. But, it's like 3 hours from here. I'll have to check the ones in VA, they're about half the distance.

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