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hello im lindsay...we just got another AB to join the crew. I cant think of a good name! We have Bentley and Mercedes and are trying to keep the car thing going. Shes a little girl so i need something feminine but shes VERY johnson and it stockier than heck. Could ya help?? Il try to get some pics on

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How about...

Car names:

Sante Fe

Non car names:

Sierra Mist
Sugar Pie
I'm not sure what she looks like so I just said some that I liked. Can't wait to see pictures though!

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Sky? for Skyline it's a Super Car from Japan it's a femenin, but beefier Nissan that originated as a 4 door family car

Fairlady? For the 300ZX fairlady the owner felt that the name would invoke an image of beauty for the car - because people would think of the beauty of the music and the leading lady in that Broadway Musical.

Enzo ? for the Ferrari F1 car meaning Winner. Italian form of Henry 'rules the home'.

Saleen ? for the beefier Mustang

Eleanor? Famous Mustang in gone in 60 seconds. I like Eleanor since you guys drive fords :)
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