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Need advice PLEASE!?

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Nothing major just need to see what everyone thinks.. I finally found a good vet for Mason.. He specializes in the Bully breed and thats what I wanted.. He comes highly recommended from people and has a huge reputation..

His shot protocol however is way different from what I was orig. expecting... I took mason last saturday (Just turned 10 weeks that friday) and I was expecting to get the parvo shot with some boosters for Corona,Hep,Distemper etc.. well his shot protocol he only gives the boosters at 14 weeks until then he gives the parvo shot every 10 days.. Im scheduled to go back on the 23rd but im worried wheteher or not this is ok not giving Mason the boosters.. I mean I trust the vet, guess I just wanted opinions..

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ive never heard that before. i thought it was once a month. did he say why he does it this way? maybe call around to other vets in the area to see what they do
I've never heard of this either peeblerelf is right. Check around. I know that pups can get distemper when they are young thats why they vacinate
Thats what i was thinking. Just wondering what his reasoning is for doing it this way. My understanding was 3 booster shots for parvo and whatnot, but 2 of those shots need to be done after 3 months of age (or so my vet told me).
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