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cfhoftampa said:
Thanks guys! I am definantly keeping a close eye on her!

I dont get her she is obsessed with eating anything cloth?!~?!~?!~

I literally think shes nuts. She has pleanty of toys to chew but she insists on clothes. She even goes back repeatedly righ in fromt of you over and over like she cant help her self. She knows its wrong cause she goes up backs off then goes back like the forces are pulling her to it. I have even caought her trying to open a dresser drawer trying to get ot the coks (ha ha ha I meant socks...had to go back and add this in) inside. its literally a daily battle for her. Clutch could care less about anything other than his toys but she is obsessed...should I take her to a doggie shrink LOL!!!

LOL, I know what you mean about being obsessed and being pulled towards something. Last night Atticus is laying there with a few of his favorite bones surrounding him. NOOOOOOOO, he had to keep sneaking over towards this thing I had on the couch. And he would cast me this sideways glance like "is mom looking?". I tell him no, he slinks off, two seconds later he's "sneaking" (as best he can) back in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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