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Need some advice

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Being a sunday night cannot get any veterinary advice so thought i'd ask on here see if any one can help us.

Boss is a 1 year old staffordshire bull terrier and since last night has not been his jump about happy self, he looks like he is really sleepy and lethargic, he is eating ok but hasnt really drunk an awful lot, have noticed in the last hour he sounds like he has a blocked nose and can see some mucus up his nostrils altho none is coming out, he also coughs now and again (sounds more like he is clearing his throat).

Is there anything i can give him or do for him to make him more comfortable, i really feel for him, he is my lickle baby and want to do anything at all possible.

hope you can help

many thanks
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You can give him cough meds but I am not sure about the dose do a search on the board and the net for the correct dose, sorry that your baby is ill :cry:
I would just give some childrens cough meds not to much just use maybe what you would give a child hope that helps.
keep an eye on him it seams alot of dogs are lazy or sick today dam sundays
thanks all, he seems a little brighter this morning and his breathing is a bit better, going to phone the vets this morning and see if i can get him seen
taking Boss to the vets this afternoon as he seems very not himself again, its horrible when they get ill they cant tell you whats wrong and its hard to know what to do for them, so at least the vet may be able to help my little soldier.
Awww...poor Boss! I'm sure the vet will be able to help him and get him feeling better! He's a handsome boy, by the way!

Let us know what the vet says!
just got back from vets, he managed to clear his nose on the way all over my car, lovely job of scraping snot off the dashboard now lol

the vet says he has a viral infection and has given him an injection to bring his temperature down and another injection which was antibiotics, he has to go back tomorrow to get his temp checked.

for a poorly dog he certainly made his presence felt in the waiting room lol right moody munchkin he is.
Glad he's going to be ok...I'm sure he'll be feeling better in no time.

Sorry to hear about the dashboard...ewwwwww! LOL!
lol thanks

im sure it wont take long to clean, i might even bribe one of the kids to do it lol
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