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Need to find Vet.

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Hi everyone. I will be a new bulldog owner next week and need to find a Vet in my area that has lots of experience with bulldogs. Can anyone recommend someone in the San Mateo, CA area?

thanks much,
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I don't know my CA geography... but here is a list of English Bulldog vets out there... (I'm assuming you are talking about English Bulldogs... since they are the one's that usually have special medical care...)


Veterinarian's Name: Mack Barney
Clinic/Hospital Name: Barney & Russum Animal Clinic
Clinic Street Adress: 2255 Boynton Ave

Fairfield, CA 94533
Vet Telephone: 707-426-1761
Vet Email:
Patient Comments: - Dr. Barney specializes in bulldogs. Every time we are there, there are always bullies. Our breeder, who is from San Diego, knew about Dr. Barney!


Veterinarian's Name: Mark Hohne
Clinic/Hospital Name: East Valley Veterinary Clinic
Clinic Street Adress: 8709 Sunland Blvd

Sun Valley, CA 91352
Vet Telephone: 818-767-7116
Vet Email:
Patient Comments: - Dr. Hohne and his staff are wonderful with my bullie Darla. They are very caring, professional and affordable. I am grateful to have them to take care of Darla, and I highly recommend the East Valley Veterinary Clinic.


Veterinarian's Name: Gary Simpson
Clinic/Hospital Name: Spring Valley Vet Clinic
Clinic Street Adress: 9973 Campo Rd

Spring Valley, CA
Vet Telephone: 619-660-1114
Vet Email:
Patient Comments: - Best bully vet in SoCal, specialized in stub nose dogs, he has breeded and raised bullies before, best price and service ever.


Veterinarian's Name: Jennifer Sweet
Clinic/Hospital Name: Blue Ravine Animal Hospital
Clinic Street Adress: 421 Blue Ravine Road

Folsom, CA 95630
Vet Telephone: 916-984-0990
Vet Email:
Patient Comments: - http://www.blueravineanimalhospital.com One of the staff members actually breeds Bulldogs and is involved in rescue. Very knowledgable about our angels.


Veterinarian's Name: Dr. Butchko and Associates
Clinic/Hospital Name: West Riverside Veterinary Hospital
Clinic Street Adress: 5488 Mission Blvd.

Riverside, CA 92509
Vet Telephone: (951) 686-2242--
Vet Email:
Patient Comments: - Specializes in Bulldogs No appointment needed. Stand in line and check in. Houres are M-F 8-6, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-11 emegencies and pick ups only
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Thanks for the reply. Yes.. I am getting an english bullie and want to take her in for an exam once I get her. Unfortunately all the vets listed are a bit far for me. San Mateo is about 30 miles South of San Francisco. :)
Josie's Proud Mom said:
Try this site it should help you locate someone. http://www.veterinarians-veterinary.com/ Good luck!
thank you 4 the info, but do u have a link that will give u the option to select the breed of dog as when our pup hits 1 years old we would really prefer a vet such as the original thread poster for their bull.
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