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Neighbor just threw a turkey bone in my yard!

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Okay right now I am p'd off!:angryfire:

So I let my dog out to potty in the backyard when I hear her barking and then I run to the door and I then see a person next door throwning a Turkey leg bone in my yard! :shock:
And then my dog goes after it frantically, takes it and runs to the backyard! I ran outside and into the darkness in my backyard and then I find her and take it out of her mouth and then I threw it back in their yard! THey just threw that in my yard like nothing! Like it's their dog or like a piece of trash! Anyway What should I do now? I do want to confront them about this very soon! In the meantime (tonight) I am going to have to contain myself from doing this :violent3: seriously!
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I agree with Paula - maybe they thought they were giving the dog a treat? If you've never had issues with these people before, I would try to approach it calmly. Explain to them how dangerous it could be for you dog to eat a cooked poultry bone.
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