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Neighbor just threw a turkey bone in my yard!

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Okay right now I am p'd off!:angryfire:

So I let my dog out to potty in the backyard when I hear her barking and then I run to the door and I then see a person next door throwning a Turkey leg bone in my yard! :shock:
And then my dog goes after it frantically, takes it and runs to the backyard! I ran outside and into the darkness in my backyard and then I find her and take it out of her mouth and then I threw it back in their yard! THey just threw that in my yard like nothing! Like it's their dog or like a piece of trash! Anyway What should I do now? I do want to confront them about this very soon! In the meantime (tonight) I am going to have to contain myself from doing this :violent3: seriously!
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Or maybe they don't like your dog and wanted it to choke? You don't have to have canine knowledge to know that bones of any kind of ingestion can kill ya. Talk to them about it and if they give you crap, talk to the police and file a report, or at least scare them with that. They shouldn't be throwing anything in your yard period, and could easily get a littering fine.
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