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The video would not work for me either. I could hear your voice but could only see a bunch of flashing bright colours on the screen and no video.

The reason why it isn't going well is because your dog doesn't understand what you want it to do. "Fetch" or retrieving is just like any other obedience exercise and it has to be broken down into steps. Getting a dog to retrieve reliabily is one of the most difficult obedience exercises I have ever taught my dog. There is MUCH more to "fetch" than just throwing a ball and expecting your dog to bring it back to you. Besides, you are giving your dog way too many commands! "Bring your ball". "Bring it back" "get your ball", "here", etc. Your dog is confused and doesn't know what the heck is going on or what you want it to do.

I could explain how to teach a dog to retrieve reliabily but it would be too hard to explain on the internet.

The bottom line is a dog only understands what its taught by its owner. Fetching is no different from any other command like sit, down, heel, etc. Dogs don't come out of the womb understanding these things they need to be taught first and you have skipped WAY too many steps. A naturally retrieving breed like a Lab or Golden may play fetch with no training BUT with a breed like an AB you need to show them what you want first and for most novice owners teaching a retrieve is a very difficult thing to do! Especially a REALIABLE one.
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