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Hi all, I'm fairly new here and thought I'd post some recent pics of the pup (aka red devil, aka diablo). He's 6 months old, a lean 85 pounds and is an approx 50/50 hybrid with around 30% new Johnson blood in him. Can't wait to watch my boy grow up! :D

Sire - Dual Ch.Taz Man GDT
Dam - RE Amber-Lee

my apologies for the blurry photos, I need a real camera :oops:

- sitting still

- Huuge head! almost reminds me of an american mastiff's noggin :?:

- having a bite to eat with the gf's 8 month old GSP (German Short-haired Pointer)

- sharing some food with his cousin Sarah

- sittin around

Here some photos I took last week down at the lake / beach:

- watching some geese swim

- calling for backup

- ready to swim for his dinner! :lol:

Aaaaaand then this weekend in the snow :shock:
Gotta love our Canadian weather.

- king of the hill
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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