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New English bulldog - life before shots are done...

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Greetings folks,

We will be getting a brand new baby English Bully from a breeder in less than 2 weeks! We can't wait! He will be 8 1/2 weeks old when we get little Lester. He's had his first shots & will get his second shots the first week we have him.

The breeder strictly advises that we do not even take the puppy outside before all the shots are over. This will be very difficult for us, especially since we were hoping Lester would go to work with my fiance (he is setting up a little, safe puppy pen there) the following week (he will be 10 weeks old then & 2 weeks away from his last bunch of shots). The other option is for him to stay home all day by himself :( The breeder advised this over bringing him to work.

I spoke to a vet & she said the big concern is not letting Lester interact with other animals during this time. So do you guys think it's ok to bring Lester to work where he will be interacting with other humans.

I would love to hear about any of your experiences relating to this & any advice or opinions you could offer. We really want to be with Lester all the time, train him & loving him, but we also want to keep him safe. What do you think?
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Personally, I love the idea of bringing the puppy to work! I wish I could find a job that would let me bring my girl with me!

I agree with the vet - keep him away from other dogs and places other dogs may have been until his shots are complete. If you've never had another dog who was sick or had a unknown dog in your yard, I think Lester would be fine going out in the yard to play and go potty.

Good luck, and congrats on the new pup!
Once AGAIN all I can say is that breeder sounds PSYCHOTIC. No interaction with other HUMANS until he's had his shots?

WTF???? :roll:
Ben, Maddie, and Tucker all three came to work with me. Ben I had early at 6 weeks, and he spent his first 8 months or so everyday at work with me. Maddie was around 5 months, and I don't recall how young Tucker was, but I believe only a few months old at the most. I totally, totally say bring him to work. Bringing my dogs to work allowed them to bond with me, and helped the potty training tremendously, as well as socialization! Ben was potty trained within the first few days.

Tucker was the first puppy I had a crate with from the beginning. I'll never own another puppy without a crate! Tucker came to work with me every day. I took him outside before leaving, he rode in his crate to work, and stayed in his crate while I worked. Around Noon I would take him out to pee, let him eat, and drink, then we'd have some play time. I'd put him back in his crate, and there he would stay, until it was about time to go home. It's pretty noisy around the work place around that time, and everyone was coming in to go home, so I'd let him out to potty again, play with everyone, and then we'd head to the house. The only other times he got to get out was if he whined. If he whined though, I would only take him outside to potty, then put him right back in his crate. Well that, and when the ocassional coworker would beg me to let them play with the puppy. :wink: At home I'd have him in his crate while taking care of everyone else, and then he would be out for a few hours at night. During the night though he only had free access to the kitchen for a while, and then I gradually allowed him to be in other parts of the house.
Only difference really was that Ben was leashed to my desk as a puppy. Therefor we had a few accidents here, and there. Plus, he was always accesible for someone to pick up, and baby. He wasn't able to get the solid rest, and be left alone versus the convenience of Tucker being in a crate. It was much easier for someone to unhook him, and go play with him. So Ben was always outside playing, or running around inside the building. (then they would forget to watch him, so he would wet the floor :roll: )
I strongly would encourage someone that was able to take a puppy with them to work. I could understand it being a bad idea if it was at a vet's office where there are so many other dogs, and illnesses or something similar. Otherwise, I don't get why someone would not encourage it.
I wouldn't have my dog paper trained either. Personally, I think that's completely disgusting, and don't see how people expect the dog to rationalize peeing on the floor is bad, unless you pee in this one square.
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I bring mason to work with me and ill agree, I think it's the best thing you can do..Not only do they get socialized more with coworkers and others walking around but it doesnt leave them home alone to where they get bored...

when we first got mason at 8 weeks we tried leaving him at home by his self, we just set up his crate his the spare bathrom and put some puppy pads down (which I dont recommend puppy pads anymore but thats just my opinion)..needless to say i got sick of having to mop the floor and clean up all the dog poop when I got home.. so I started bringing him in to work and taking him out every 30 minutes when I could.. We got lucky he learned to run and scratch on backdoor at home so that took care of that... I let him be around everyone and he was fine.. you just shouldnt let Lester go for walks or socialize with any other dogs AT ALL until he has all of his shots because he can get parvo from anything if another dog is carrying it.

Congrats and getting your new bullie :p Make sure you post cute little pics for us when he gets home.
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treat your puppy like it's a human baby....do you really want to expose your baby to all the germs out in the world before it has all it's shots??

that's how my vet put it! was difficult for me, cause she was so cute as a pup and i wanted to share her with everyone....but i'm glad i didn't....

good luck
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