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My name is Veronica, and I rescued my brindle Pit from the Norfolk Humane Society, at first I was just fostering her, but I fell in LOVE with HER and couldnt imagine here anywhere else but with me. Her name is Lady and she is quite a little Lady if I must say so.
I get asked all the time if she is a Pitbull, and I used to be scared to tell people the truth and I would say she is a mix!
But the more I see pits, especially on this site, the more I am convinced she is Full Pit! With that said the more I have gotten to know her, the more I love this breed.
When people ask me now, I stand up for her proudly and say YES, She is a Pitbull! The best one ever!!! And I can imagine you all feel the same way about your Pits!
Thanks for listening/reading.

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