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Tommygun said:
Thanks everybody for all your replies. I have one question though, whenever we play with him he always seems to bite our hand(s) really hard and when we go eye level with him he seems to go for the face but before he can bite down he stops. Is thier any way i can stop this?!

I'd definitely say he's AB.

To get him to stop with the nipping...whenever he does it, let him KNOW that it hurts and completely stop interacting with him. Make a show of how bad he's hurt you when he nips (even if it doesn't really hurt) and then completely ignore him for a few minutes. Turn your back on him if you must. Eventually he'll draw the connection that nips = hurt = playtime stops...and what fun is that for him? He'd just as soon stop nipping and keep playing. Continuing playing with him after he's nipped you only reinforces the behavior.

Maddi had this bad habit when we brought her home...and she was pretty much full grown (ouch!). It takes a little bit of time, but it works.
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